Claire Dumouchel Psychotherapist

My values

  • Recognize the inherent uniqueness of each human being.
  • Gives space to people in different dimensions of experience (physical, sensory, emotional, thought, deep being).
  • Support a person's ability to choose and feel what they want.
  • Create the space of trust and safety needed to touch your vulnerability.
  • Acknowledge the diversity of choices, bodies and lifestyles.

My background

I was born in Quebec where I obtained a college diploma (DEC) in Analytical Chemistry from Cégep de Valleyfield, Quebec. Afterwards, I completed a bachelor's degree in Administration at the École de commerce à Montréal (HEC), Québec.

After 15 years of work in administrative management, I decided to reorient my professional career. Having at heart helping others as much on a personal as on a professional level, I completed training based on 3 years of study at the Centre de relation d'aide de Montréal (CRAM).

An important change occurred in Quebec in 2009, Bill 21, which defines and reserves the practice of psychotherapy, as well as the title of the psychotherapist, was adopted by the Quebec National Assembly. Therefore, I decided to undertake a new course of university studies in order to practice psychotherapy according to the new process of modernization of the professional practice in mental health and human relations.

J’ai complété un programme de maîtrise en Counselling et Spiritualité avec une spécialisation pour Couple et Famille à l’Université Saint-Paul à Ottawa, en Ontario. Par la suite, j’ai terminé mon stage de 800 heures en psychothérapie à l’Institut Argyle de Montréal.

The importance of the affective dimension in the couple and the family inspired me to develop my skills by completing graduate training in perinatal psychology with the humanistic and psychodynamic approach (UQAM).