Couple psychotherapy

Claire Dumouchel Psychotherapist

Why go to couple therapy?

The main goal of therapy is to help the couple re-establish dialogue and identify their problems. By acting as a mediator, the therapist provides an opportunity for the couple to express their views, needs and expectations within their relationship.

How to know if marital therapy is working?

Couples therapy is an opportunity to strengthen relationships, identify harmful behaviors and discover the reasons for those behaviors. If you're wondering if couples therapy is working, the answer is definitely yes.

Goals of Couples Therapy

  • Take time for yourself, your partner and your relationship.
  • Learn how to communicate better in an authentic, non-defensive way.
  • Break away from destructive conflict and constant power struggles.
  • Learn to meet your own needs and define boundaries in your relationships.
  • Cultivate empathy and true intimacy in relationships.
  • Learn to argue without destroying each other.
  • Receive and give recognition and thus strengthen your union.
  • Give you tools to deal with obstacles.
  • Be guided towards a more satisfying communication.
  • Taste the freedom and security that a healthy relationship can provide.
  • To offer privileged moments of sincere communication.
  • To rediscover the pleasure of being together!

Who is couple therapy for?

  • For new parents.
  • For couples in difficulty.
  • For adult sisters and brothers.
  • Two friends who want to reconcile.
  • For couples who want to deepen their bond.
  • Those who want to give themselves tools at the beginning of a love relationship.
  • For people who want to get out of conflict and improve communication.
  • For parents who want to improve their relationship with their children, teenagers or adults.
  • For those who wish to separate, while respecting each other.

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An excellent therapist! Very kind and genuine. It will help you see what you are truly capable of. Therapy has been an incredible gift to us.

Diana R.

The experience was very good for us. We evolved in a beneficial way with the advice of our excellent therapist. She is very professional, caring, insightful, thoughtful and patient… we are very satisfied!!

Adam N.