Online psychotherapy

Claire Dumouchel Psychotherapist

Online therapy is as effective as in-person therapy.

Remote consultation with a psychotherapist (teletherapy) is regulated by the Ordre des psychologues du Québec (OPQ). Online (distance) therapy is a recognized practice, having been scientifically demonstrated on several occasions, this mode of consultation is as valid as face-to-face therapy.

Even at a distance, the therapist must fulfill his professional obligations at all times. Whether it is in terms of confidentiality or the solutions provided, the therapist must use the intervention techniques at his disposal and adapt them to the needs of the client.

If face-to-face appointments are a challenge in your busy schedule, I offer online psychotherapy services. You will be able to benefit from the help of a psychotherapist to work in individual, couple or family sessions.

Online psychotherapy.

Today, thanks to technology, you can make an appointment with a psychotherapist regardless of your location. Patients who have used this type of session say that online psychotherapy really does feel like they are in the same room.

It is also a great solution if you have limited mobility or to avoid the hassle of transportation and parking.